Insight Landing

Real-Time Outplacement Tracking and analysis

Transparency and security

With Randstad RiseSmart Insight, you are in control of your outplacement data:

  • System alerts and email notifications to keep you informed of the status of your impacted employees
  • Deactivate, cancel, or modify your list to ensure error-free processing
  • Bank-level encryption to keep your sensitive data secure

Visualization and analysis

See more than just data: uncover areas of opportunity and ensure success with Randstad RiseSmart Insight

  • Current, actionable outplacement metrics in a sleek dashboard with intuitive navigation
  • Insights into outplacement data to promote meaningful analysis to drive business decisions
  • An Alumni Sentiment Rating that measures the impact of outplacement services on your employer brand

HR-Centric data and reporting

Randstad RiseSmart Insight is built for you.

  • Designed with HR in mind, through consultation with HR professionals
  • Easy-to-use application that helps you manage your important outplacement data, reports, metrics, and analysis
  • Relevant, actionable information at your fingertips, as soon as you need it